We are your one-stop shop!


We are your one-stop shop!

We can lower your electric bill, provide you a smart home security system and MANY other services you use everyday for your home or business.

 There is NO CHARGE for us to review your services and often there is no out-of-pocket expense from you throughout the entire process. We have numerous suppliers and vendors that compete for our business and are happy to pay us to SAVE YOU MONEY! 

 We make it FAST and EASY for you!  

Call us right now to find ways to save money on your bills!





Carla Sue Worley, Utilities Broker /Owner

Carla Sue Worley, Utilities Broker /Owner

Carla Sue Worley, Utilities Broker /Owner




"I LOVE saving people money! No, really! How many other jobs do you know of where you can sell someone something that doesn't cost them ANY money and actually puts money back in their pockets???"

Carla Sue divides her time between CS Preferred Solutions and her event company, All Star Talent and Events, that specializes in Event Planning, Promotions, Emcee/Hosting, Marketing and Advertising.

Carla Sue is active in her church and teaches Children's Choir and sings in the Adult Choir. She helps with fundraising and sponsorship for various ministries and other charitable organizations including Arlington Chamber of Commerce and The Women's Alliance.

Any spare moments are spent with her 5 nephews that she adores above all else! Neal - age 10, Carson - age 8, Vance - age 8, Jaxon - age 7 and Vaughn - age 4.


Jeremy Hamilton, VP Operations

Carla Sue Worley, Utilities Broker /Owner

Carla Sue Worley, Utilities Broker /Owner




"My goal is to help customers and the amazing group of people at CS Preferred with daily operations."

Jeremy continues to astonish the company with his willingness to help ensure office and customer satisfaction.

Jeremy is very active in his church and an avid sports fan. Although Jeremy is formerly from Ohio and LOVES the Buckeyes, he is Texan at heart and  passionately supports the Rangers and Cowboys.


Natalie Shannon, Director Of Accounting

Natalie Shannon, Director Of Accounting

Natalie Shannon, Director Of Accounting




"I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful team.  I love helping others and I love that CS Preferred puts our customers first. That's why this is the perfect place for me to work."

Natalie graduated from Sam Houston State University with a B.B.A. in Accounting. She was the VP of Fundraising for NABA, a member of PCT, and is currently an Alumni of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP).

Natalie has a passion for volunteering at various organizations including Boys & Girls Club, Mission Arlington, Tarrant County Food Bank, and All Paws In.


Kathy McBrayer, Account Manager

Natalie Shannon, Director Of Accounting

Natalie Shannon, Director Of Accounting




"I saved so much money on my bills with CS Preferred Solutions that I started telling everyone I knew.  I know first hand what this company can do for you so I decided to join the team ."

Kathy has over 20 years of experience in customer service and sales. She is active in her community and has worked with many different charities throughout the DFW area. She also has a passion for rescuing animals and has several rescues of her own.

Kathy is happily married with three sons, the youngest in elementary school, one attending TCU and one graduate from OU.


Toni Sue Worley, Customer Service

Natalie Shannon, Director Of Accounting

Toni Sue Worley, Customer Service




“Carla Sue (CS Preferred Solutions) switched my home electricity, and I cut my bill in half! Yes, I am Carla Sue’s mother, and I see her tremendous passion and compassion for her customers

and her family. I am proud to be a part of her amazing team.”

Toni has been a choral director for several decades in the Arlington ISD as well as serving with her husband, Charles, in ministry in several churches. She has 4 children and 5 amazing grandsons.

Junior CS Preferred Agents


Ad Team

Neal Jones, Intern & Special Assistant to the President

Neal Jones, Intern & Special Assistant to the President




Carla Sue's Nephews and the Stars of

all the CS Preferred Solutions Ads

Pictured From Left to Right:

Jaxon Lee Worley, Age 8

Carson Scott Jones, Age 8

Vaughn Thomas Worley, Age 4

Neal Charles Jones, Age 10

Vance Wayne Worley, Age 8


Neal Jones, Intern & Special Assistant to the President

Neal Jones, Intern & Special Assistant to the President

Neal Jones, Intern & Special Assistant to the President

Neal is the oldest nephew of Carla Sue and he LOVES to come to work and help out. He's been helping sell Sports Memorabilia for Carla Sue's other company, All Star Talent and Events, since he was 8 years old.

This summer, when he turned 10, he came to the CS Preferred office and helped out by answering phones, assisting customers, attending meetings and spending quality time with his aunt.

Neal speaks three languages, plays the piano, sings and performs in his school and church choirs and musicals, and makes excellent grades in school. 



“Chop my electric bill in half? ... YES, PLEASE!! #summertime #coolforhalftheprice #inTEXAS”- Nelson Romo

"Carla Sue has saved our family (3 properties) literally thousands off our electricity bill just over the past two years. Just renewed with her again for 3 more years at even LOWER rates!! Thanks for the extra cash in our pockets!”–Sheila Nagy

“Yay Carla. You're always working to save us money. You did it 2 years ago and came through for us again. Thank you for taking care of us!!”-Dana Butler 

 “I too, was skeptical at first but after switching via Carla Sue w/ CS Preferred I now save literally hundreds of dollars on my electric bill.”–Matt Brown

“Twice now... quick and easy! Carla Sue has saved me money on my electric bill!”–Wil’lwin Wallace

“Thanks to Carla Sue, our electricity bill has been cut in HALF! I used to dread getting electricity bills, but now I look excitedly to see how low it is! Last month, it was only $58.17 for a 2100 square foot house, NICE!”–Christi Jones 

“That girl saves me $200 every month since I've started using her service! I love Carla Sue!”–Susan Carpenter

"Do you wanna save money?! Then look no further! Carla Sue has saved me so much money and signing up with her is quick and easy!! Do it today!!"-Jenny Gentry

"Carla Sue saved us and our friends mucho dinero in energy costs. It took no time at all for her to switch us over to our new energy company. Six months later, and the savings keep rolling in. Thanks, Carla Sue!"-Kristi Motley 

"Thank you Carla Sue for your continued support in fighting to keep my bills down & my joy for thrift shopping in tact! You're the Best!"–Twilla Bennett

“Thank you for Carla Sue for lowering our electric bill. We truly appreciate all your help.”–Cindy & Paul Lowke

"I've used Carla Sue for my electric service twice and she has saved me money both times! Thanks for helping me lower my payments. Looking forward to getting an alarm system through you as well."-Brooke Pettigrew 

 "Thank you Carla Sue for all your help!!! Switching electric co with you just saved us some extra cash and seriously took 5 min! :). Exciting to get next months bill to see our new LOWER amount! Thank you friend!! :). Looking forward to a new alarm system with you soon!"-Erica Tackett

"Thank you carla sue, great savings. Just this month $22. Thanks so much. love working with you it was Fast and easy "-Trisha Jordan

"Very helpful and attentive. Great savings. Thank you. "-Brian Larsen  

  “You're my rock star. I appreciate you always going above and beyond to help everyone else. You save me money on my bills at home! You always support and help the choir program every chance you get. Thank you, Carla Sue!”–Toni Worley   

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