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As always, there is NO CHARGE for us to review your electric bills.

Our electric vendors pay us to SAVE YOU MONEY!


  1. We review your current bill.
  2. We tell you if we can save you money.
  3. We assist you in changing providers.


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Power Your Home or Business

Electricity & Natural Gas Service


  • Same Reliable Service: No change in the delivery or maintenance of electricity or natural gas service – this continues to be provided by the local utility
  •  More Options: Variety of plans and pricing options with contract lengths to meet your needs
  • Offering environmentally friendly green products (Not available in all markets)
  • Customized Pricing Proposal for Big Business: Best available price based on usage, plan and length of contract 

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Solar Power


  • Harness the power of the sun and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Abundant, clean, renewable energy
  • Reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill + other financial incentives
  • Multiple payment options for solar panels
     - purchase
     - finance
     - lease
  • Available in select states

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"Carla Sue has saved our family (3 properties) literally thousands off our electricity bill just over the past two years. Just renewed with her again for 3 more years at even LOWER rates!! Thanks for the extra cash in our pockets!”–Sheila Nagy

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“Thanks to Carla Sue, our electricity bill has been cut in HALF! I used to dread getting electricity bills, but now I look excitedly to see how low it is! Last month, it was only $58.17 for a 2100 square foot house, NICE!”–Christi Jones

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“Thank you for Carla Sue for lowering our electric bill. We truly appreciate all your help.”–Cindy & Paul Lowke

"I've used Carla Sue for my electric service twice and she has saved me money both times! Thanks for helping me lower my payments. Looking forward to getting an alarm system through you as well."-Brooke Pettigrew

"Thank you Carla Sue for all your help!!! Switching electric co with you just saved us some extra cash and seriously took 5 min! :). Exciting to get next months bill to see our new LOWER amount! Thank you friend!! :). Looking forward to a new alarm system with you soon!"-Erica Tackett

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